Year in Review: Top 5 Leadership Topics in 2023

The Express Blog put the spotlight on a wide range of topics from tips for new leaders to the impact of artificial intelligence, interview questions to ask job candidates, and much more in 2023. Check out the top five leadership posts from this year to make sure you didn’t miss out on any top tips.  

Why Leaders Should Invest in Emotional Compensation 

When rewarding employees for their efforts, have you considered more than just increasing pay, giving extra time off, and offering attractive benefit packages? Employees want to be paid well, but also want to feel good about their work environment. Investing in another retention tool, “emotional compensation,” could help improve the overall employee experience. 

5 Employee Characteristics that Show Future Leadership Potential 

The next generation of company leaders may already work within your ranks. In today’s competitive job market, developing talent from within is more important than ever. It’s imperative to keep on the lookout for current employees who show signs of future leadership potential as your younger employees continue to develop and climb your company’s corporate ladder. 

4 Questions Job Candidates Ask and Tips to Respond 

One of the top rules of job searching for candidates is to be prepared to ask questions at the end of their interviews. But, are you prepared with answers? Take a look at four questions interviewees may ask and use these sample scripts to perfect your answers.  

3 Ways to Lead Without a Title 

Leadership usually begins before you earn the title, not after you receive the promotion. Even if you don’t desire to manage up, you can still display leadership qualities that will benefit your workflow and the people around you.  

3 Dos and 3 Don’ts for New Managers of Existing Teams 

There’s always a learning curve when starting a new job, and the curve may be especially steep if you’re stepping in to manage an existing team. Whether you’re new to the company or to being a manager, there are some dos and don’ts to keep in mind as you make the transition.   

Which piece of knowledge or leadership advice are you carrying into 2024? Share it in the comments!  

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