Ensure New Employee Success After the First 90 Days

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So, you’ve welcomed a new member to your team, and now it’s time to set them up to thrive. Start off on the right foot with a solid onboarding plan, which can increase new hire retention by 82%, according to a 2015 Brandon Hall Group study, then turn the focus to achievements beyond the employee’s first 90 days.

Build Trust Through Communication

At the 90-day mark, an employee has learned enough that they may have ideas to improve existing processes. Schedule regular one-on-one meetings and spend the time discussing their ideas, project updates, and addressing any questions about their job duties. Having a reserved meeting time lets the new employee share their thoughts and allows you to give your undivided attention.

Value feedback from them as much as feedback from your most tenured staff member. They may be new to the company but are coming in with a fresh perspective and can identify areas of concern that you might not see. Listen to their feedback, thank them for sharing, investigate the issue, and communicate any changes with the team. This is a chance for you to build trust with the new employee; take advantage of the opportunity by taking their concerns seriously, even if no action is warranted.

Build Relationships Through Team Building

New hires need to find their place on the team, so make team building a priority. All team members can benefit from spending time together outside of the office to improve working relationships. Plan a monthly team lunch or schedule team building activities throughout the year. Whatever you choose, make sure the plans are inclusive for the entire team and everyone can comfortably participate.

Build Confidence by Setting Goals

Setting achievable short-term goals can boost a new employee’s confidence while allowing them to work out the processes that best suit them in this role. Even informal deadlines can help employees find their groove. The key is to set goals that are attainable. Your employee is still new and likely won’t know everything they need to in order to perfectly execute projects. Thoughtfully craft goals using the S.M.A.R.T. method for the best chance of success. After you’ve provided all the resources and have communicated clear expectations, take a step back. Let them take the reins, but make yourself available to answer questions and show support by checking in periodically.

Encourage Employee Engagement

As a manager, encouraging employee engagement should be a top priority. A Gallup study reported an all-time high of global employee engagement at 23% in 2022, while 18% of employees were actively disengaged. Engaged employees are more likely to stay with the company, so maintain engagement by using the tactics above, cultivating a good workplace culture, and with the tips in this infographic.

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How do you ensure new employee success after their first 90 days? What approach will you take for your next hire? Let us know in the comments!

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