Should You Apply to the Same Company Multiple Times?

Maybe this is your dream company to work for. Or perhaps they just offer several jobs matching your career interests. Whatever the reason, you’ve found yourself applying to the same company multiple times. But is this really a good idea? The answer may vary depending on your unique situation. Here are a few factors that might impact your decision.

  1. The Size of the Company

If you’re applying to different jobs in a huge company with multiple departments that don’t really interact, there’s no issue with applying to multiple jobs. The team you’re applying with may not even know you applied for another job at the company.

However, if you’re applying to a smaller company where everything goes through the HR department, applying multiple times might not be the best idea. There’s nothing wrong with waiting a while to apply again, but if you apply to every job a small company offers within a short window of time, you run the risk of overexposure.

  1. Your Qualifications

Sometimes you just don’t have the best qualifications for the role. For instance, if you apply for a social media job when your background is more sales oriented, you might not get the job. But if a sales job at the same company opens up? There’s nothing wrong with applying since you know the most likely reason you didn’t get the last job.

However, if you apply to any open position the company offers, they might start to ignore your applications because it doesn’t look like you’re putting in the effort to sort out which positions match your qualifications.

  1. How Much Time Has Passed

Maybe you were a bad fit for a position five years ago but are a perfect fit for that same position now. Recruiters understand that people change, and your resume can reflect any additional training or experience you gained since the last time you applied. But if it’s only been a few months since your last application and your resume doesn’t reflect any new changes, a recruiter probably isn’t going to bring you in.

At the end of the day, managers extend job offers when an applicant has both the best qualifications and personality for the job. If you aren’t getting callbacks past your initial interview, something is likely lacking in either of those categories. Instead of applying right away, ask your friends or family to help you analyze your resume and interview style to help figure out what went wrong.

Have you ever applied to the same company multiple times? How did it turn out? Let us know in the comments section below!

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