Job Seeker Success: Acing the Callback Interview

After acing the first round of job interviews, an invitation for a second meeting is usually a good indication you’re being seriously considered for the position. Your first meeting with the hiring manager probably covered qualifications, skills, and experience to discover if you’re a strong candidate for the position, and also a “culture fit” for the company.

The second interview is referred to as the “callback interview” where you further market yourself and justify why you’re the best candidate for the role.

The callback interview will be more intense and in-depth, but it doesn’t have to be an intimidating experience. Here are some proactive steps you can take during the process:

  • Do Company Research: If you did a quick search on the company before your first interview, this is the time to take a deeper dive into the company’s mission, values, and brand. Furthermore, use professional platforms, such as LinkedIn to get to know potential colleagues, and stay up-to-date on any company updates. You can bring up these specifics in your callback conversation to demonstrate that you have done some research on the company.
  • Clearly Communicate Your Interest: Begin or end the interview by emphasizing how your unique experience, skills, and achievements can positively contribute to the company.
  • Ask Engaging Questions: Understand that the job search process is a two-way street. After you’ve reviewed the job description and been asked several questions, don’t be afraid to ask the recruiter or hiring manager for additional details about the role. You’ll want to know some of the challenges or hurdles you’ll face if you accept the role.
  • Keep Your Interview Energy High: Interview rounds can be stressful for everyone involved in the process. Don’t lose steam; try to maintain your momentum and enthusiasm during the interview to keep your interviewer engaged.

Keep in mind that you were invited for a callback interview because you left a good impression on the company. Even if you don’t land the role, you’ll be more equipped for the next opportunity.

Haven’t landed an interview yet? If you’re at the beginning of your job search, read this article to prepare and stand out during the interview screening process.

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