Evolving the Job Candidate Experience: Text Recruiting

If you’re looking for a job, you may find yourself juggling recruiter calls, emails, and even social media messages. You want to know where you stand in the recruiting process, but have you ever wished it would move faster?

Text recruiting could be the solution.

Recruiters can meet talent where they are – on their phones – by texting them.

According to a 2022 job seeker survey, candidates want a faster and more direct approach to finding and accepting a job. The survey revealed that 42% of workers had received a text message from a recruiter requesting a job interview. Of those, 56% preferred this process to scheduling interviews via email or phone.

Here are some advantages and best practices for using text recruiting:

For Recruiters:

  • The pre-screening process can be streamlined by texting candidates to verify their skills, experience, and cultural fit. Setting up automated texts can help with frequently asked questions from candidates.
  • Recruiters can save time by scheduling interviews through text. Candidates can confirm or cancel interviews instantly, ensuring that neither is ghosted.
  • Recruiters can make candidates feel part of the culture by texting them branding materials like benefits and perks and even get creative with photos and videos of team outings to learn more about the leadership team.

For Candidates:

  • As a candidate, make sure you have the correct contact information available to start receiving text notifications from recruiters about open positions.
  • No more anxiously waiting for a phone call or email from recruiters. After the interview is over, candidates can receive immediate feedback from recruiters.
  • Both recruiters and candidates need to remain professional through text. Be mindful of when and where you’re texting each other. Ask when good times would be to text each other.

Recruiters implementing texting as a recruitment strategy can help take the candidate experience to the next level. There are many text recruiting tools out there to choose from to stay connected to candidates and make the hiring process engaging for everyone. As the competition for talent continues to evolve, incorporating text recruiting can help speed up the process of getting top talent to commit to a company.

Has a recruiter reached out to you by text as a job seeker? What is your preferred method of communication? Let us know in the comments below!

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