4 Benefits of Having a Mentor During Your Job Search

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The job search can be challenging, but having a professional mentor to help steer you on the right path can be helpful if you’re looking for your next career opportunity. Here are four benefits to having a mentor tag along during your job search.

1. A mentor can help you clarify your career goals.

Whether you’re just starting in your career, or you’ve made a name for yourself and want to advance, having an influential mentor can help you clarify your goals, and hold you accountable. Once your mentor relationship has been established, be transparent with your mentor about what you’d like to accomplish in your career. From updating your resume or adding to your skillset, to interviewing techniques, don’t be afraid to ask your mentor questions. Keep in mind, your mentor is in a good position to provide real insight and help you create a roadmap for career success.

2. A mentor can help grow your professional network.

If you want to build and cultivate your professional relationships, a mentor can introduce you to their personal network, which could help you create potential allies and widen your job search opportunities. After getting acquainted with your new connections, they can be helpful as a resource for job recommendations and keep you in the loop for any openings available within their own network. 

3. A mentor can offer constructive feedback.

When you and your mentor meet to discuss your career goals, be open to receiving constructive feedback. Your mentor can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses as a candidate during your job search. This is also an opportunity to let your mentor know that feedback can be a two-way process.

4. A mentor can help boost your confidence.

Another advantage of having a mentor in your corner is they can help boost your confidence as you plan to successfully land your new role. Knowing that you have a cheerleader on your side rooting you through your job search process can help you keep the momentum up and put yourself forward as the best candidate for your targeted role.

Mentorship can be a valuable resource to add to your job search toolkit. Be intentional about finding a mentor during your job search. Connect with past bosses, family friends, or someone from a professional industry organization that fits within their career path. 

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