Celebrating Express’ Employee of the Year Nominees

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Five Express Employment Professionals associates were celebrated as nominees for the Employee of the Year award during Express’ annual franchise owner conference in March. Express values the hard work and dedication our associates bring to the workplace, so it was an honor to celebrate everything they have contributed to our overall mission!

This year’s group was a special one—let’s hear it for the 2024 Employee of the Year nominees!

  • Kimberly Borelly – Hackettstown, NJ
  • Jose Fontanez-Santiago – Winona, MN
  • Sherrel Russell – South Indianapolis, IN
  • Paul Werda – Aberdeen, WA
  • Kyle West – Lake City, FL

Kyle West – Overall Winner

Express proudly announced Kyle West with the Lake City, FL, office as the recipient of the prestigious 2024 Employee of the Year Award. His journey from dedicated team member to supervisor underscores the vital role of thoughtful planning in achieving professional success.

West was initially sent on assignment as an operator at a client company, but his reliability and strong work ethic earned him a promotion to department lead, and later, supervisor. He remains with the company and is now in charge of contracting with Express for additional operators.

“I wouldn’t be where I am today without Express,” West said. “I remember when I submitted an application, less than 45 minutes later, they called me to schedule an interview. Express gave me an opportunity.”

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Congratulations Kyle and nominees!

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Express Employment International supports the Express Employment Professionals franchise and affiliated brands, including Specialized Recruiting Group and Express Healthcare Staffing. The Express franchise brand is an industry-leading, international staffing company with franchise locations in the U.S., Canada, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. 

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