Canada Employed: Competitive Market for College Graduates; Unproblematic Career Gaps

Canada Employed explores the state of employment and unemployment in Canada. Learn more about the latest insights, according to a recent Express Employment Professionals-Harris Poll survey. This month’s topics include the hiring outlook for recent college graduates and addressing career gaps.

Infographic titled "Companies Planning to Hire College Grads" with a timeline from 2021 to 2023, showing varying percentages. Illustrations of hands with graduation caps are at the bottom.

46% First Half of 2021, 43% Second Half of 2021, 46% First Half of 2022, 47% Second Half of 2022, 49% First Half of 2023, 43% Second Half of 2023.

Graduates are entering a cooling job market, according to the survey:

  • 43% of companies plan to hire recent graduates this year
  • 75% of companies plan to hire full-time employees this year, either hourly or salaried
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Career gaps may be appropriate, as the survey revealed:

  • Most hiring decision-makers and job seekers agree on acceptable reasons for large gaps on resumes, including going to school, staying home with a child, health issues, and caring for an elderly parent.
  • 92% of hiring decision-makers say there are acceptable reasons for career gaps
  • 36% say a large and unexplainable gap would cause them not to hire a candidate
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    Infographic titled "Acceptable Reasons for Large Gaps in Resumes" showing four reasons with percentages: Health Issues (72%), Going to School (71%), Staying at Home with a Child (68%), and Caring for an Elderly Parent (65%).
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