America Employed: Job Seekers Opting for Purpose over Corporate Promotion

The latest insight on the state of employment in America from Express Employment Professionals.  

Job Seekers Buck the Trend, Opting for Purpose over Corporate Promotion 

While U.S. hiring managers and job seekers feel career advancement is valuable, many job seekers are more focused on achieving personal fulfillment and work/life balance. This is according to a recent survey from The Harris Poll commissioned by Express Employment Professionals. 

Fifty-eight percent of hiring managers report that the only way for employees to achieve professional success at their company is to “climb the corporate ladder.” Around 7 in 10 job seekers (71%) are similarly aligned on the definition of professional success and believe climbing the corporate ladder is the only way employees can achieve this (57%). Read more.  

Mentorship Programs Counter Talent Drain at US Businesses 

Most American companies have lost employees to retirement the past two years, taking valuable institutional knowledge and experience with them. One possible solution? Mentorship programs. 

While not a new concept, mentorship programs are gaining popularity as a way to combat this brain drain (i.e., when older employees retire without sharing knowledge of how to do their job to younger generations) and accelerate recruiting and retention in the current prolonged labor shortage. Read more.  

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