America Employed: Hiring Intentions, Job Seekers and AI

The latest insight on the state of employment in America from Express Employment Professionals.

Most Companies Would Rather Hire Older Workers Than Younger Generation

U.S. hiring managers are on the hunt for full-time talent, and many (79%) report a rising tide of older workers vying for entry-level roles compared to three years ago.

Furthermore, 60% of these hiring managers express a preference for hiring older candidates over younger ones for entry-level positions, highlighting a shift in perceptions about experience and maturity. Read more.

Generative AI Adoption Soars: 69% of US Companies Utilize AI to Transform Operations

As companies search for ways to be more efficient, many are turning to generative artificial intelligence (AI) to help streamline operations.

Nearly 7 in 10 U.S. hiring managers (69%) use generative AI at their company—most commonly for processing data (52%) either for customers, operations and even employees. Others report utilizing it to manage customer service questions (27%), create content (26%) and operate chatbots (23%).

In using generative AI, many believe it will have a major/moderate positive impact on their company by enhancing customer service (63%), making some processes more efficient (63%) and freeing up employee time (62%). Read more.

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