8 Building Blocks for Turnover Solutions

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Turnover is a factor for any business and can’t be avoided, but how can turnover be handled? By examining the true costs of turnover and being proactive in managing your workforce to improve employee engagement and retention, you can be prepared to tackle turnover challenges. Express Employment Professional’s new turnover solutions resource outlines 8 building blocks for solutions.

  1. Understanding that turnover is a balance
    • While turnover can negatively impact business, it can also be healthy for an organization.
  2. What’s the true cost of turnover?
    • Studies show turnover can cost up to 150% of an employee’s annual salary.
    • Determine the true costs of turnover for your company by using our Turnover Calculator: ExpressPros.com/TurnoverCalculator.
  3. Understand the expectations of turnover
    • A turnover assessment can help you understand the employment cycle and brace your business for challenges.
  4. Avoid retention roadblocks
    • Positive retention combats negative turnover.
  5. Creating a culture that prevents turnover
    • Investing in your team can reap the benefits of maintaining their job satisfaction and well-being.
  6. Employee engagement is key
    • Engaged employees are more committed to a company and are more productive at work.
  7. Manage employees’ expectations of success
    • Communicating expectations and supporting a healthy work-life balance can improve employee satisfaction and ease burnout.
  8. Support a multi-generational friendly workplace
    • Organizations must meet the needs and preferences of individuals spanning several age groups to leverage the group’s collective strengths.

Learn more about our Turnover Solutions at ExpressPros.com/TurnoverSolutions.

If your company is facing turnover, the experts at Express are ready to help. We have insight and resources to support you and your business in hiring and retaining the right people. Contact the Express office nearest you to find your next hire or learn more.

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