Career Advice from Trick-or-Treaters

It’s the end of October, and if you celebrate Halloween, you’ll likely be watching scary movies, dressing up, and eating all the sweet and savory treats you desire. We want to join in on the Halloween fun by offering some career advice you can get from trick-or-treaters.

Be Open and Eager to Receive More Candy

If you’ve been trick-or-treating or taken children around the neighborhood for candy, you’ll notice that the delighted costumed participants sprint to a door for candy, willingly opening their bags for the sweet treats to be dumped in. Similarly, at work, be open to and accept feedback from your supervisor or co-worker. Embracing constructive criticism is essential if you want to advance in your current position or be promoted to a new one.

Say Thank You for the Treats

It’s good practice to express gratitude after the candy givers have filled the bags with your favorite treats. Trick-or-treaters should thank them nicely for the goodies. It will make an excellent impression, and they will look forward to your return each year. The same concept applies in the workplace. Say thank you when someone goes above and beyond to assist you with a project, answer your questions, or offer to take you out to lunch.

Stand Out With an Inspired Costume

The opportunity for trick-or-treaters to dress up is one of the enjoyable components of the Halloween celebration. Scary characters, famous people, or even food have served as the inspiration for many costumes. Sometimes, you have to improvise and work with what you already have at home. There’s no limit to how creative you can get for Halloween. On the job, creativity is also possible. If you usually wear the same colors to work, consider changing it up. Of course, you should adhere to your company’s dress code, but you can also experiment with your work wardrobe from time to time.

Share Your Halloween Stories

Do you have a spooky or even a lighthearted Halloween tale to share? Halloween stories are ideal for telling around a campfire or in the living room. It’s also fine to share your experiences with others at the office. Through conversation, you can discover that you and a co-worker have many things in common, both at and outside of work. Pay attention and provide a helpful example from your own experience if a coworker is going through a tough moment. When in an interview environment, make sure to also be friendly. Explain how you were able to grow your career to this point, both on your resume and in conversation.

How do you celebrate Halloween? What is your favorite Halloween character or movie? Let us know in the comments section below!

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