3 Career Lessons from Beyoncé

Beyoncé is one of the most well-known names in the world. Due to her Renaissance World Tour, you may have heard or seen a lot of chatter about the artist on social media this year. Whether you’re a Beyoncé fan or not, her work ethic has stood the test of time. Here are three career lessons you can learn from the entertainer.

1. Take a Moment to Reflect and Regroup

With the world on lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic, workers, including Beyoncé, were able to reflect on their jobs and prioritize their physical and mental health. The artist created the Renaissance album during this period of isolation. She notes that her seventh album gave her the freedom and adventure she needed at a time when it seemed like the world was at a standstill.

Career Lesson: Take a moment to reflect upon and audit your career goals. You may find during this time of introspection that there are skills you’d like to improve or develop, or you might decide to change the course of your career by transitioning into a new position or industry.

2. Celebrate Your Mentors

When you see Beyoncé perform live or listen to her music, she often pays tribute to the people who have supported her throughout her career, including her fans. She recognizes that she would not be able to sustain herself as an international brand for decades if her village did not share lessons and feedback to support her through the ups and downs of being in the spotlight.

Career Lesson: Do you have any mentors who have helped you along your career path? Take some time to express gratitude to your mentors for the experiences they have shared to advance your career.

3. Be Your Own Advocate

Beyoncé is widely known for her live performances and music, but she has also jumped into other business ventures during her career. In 2019, she reportedly declined to partner with a popular shoe brand due to of lack of diversity and representation. She didn’t want to partner with a company that didn’t align with her personal values, so she kept searching for a brand that was a better fit.

Career Lesson: While encouragement from others might give us the boost we need in our careers; we can also obtain it by taking a good look at ourselves. Recognize the challenging times and celebrate the victories. Be your own cheerleader in your career; after all, it’s your individual journey and you can do everything you set your mind to with effort and dedication, just like Beyoncé.

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