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An easily identifiable logo is a valuable tool for any company. From swooshes to golden arches, many brands need little more than a simple graphic to represent themselves or evoke an emotional response from its customers.

Have you ever wondered what led to the creation of some of the world’s most iconic logos? Check out this infographic from for some unique insight and behind-the-scenes information on what makes a great logo and how famous brands have evolved throughout the years. Read More→

In September, we asked our readers how they plan to handle the extra workload during the holiday season and of those who are affected by seasonal upswings, 30% said they will manage with their current staff, but offer overtime/incentives. Another 10% plan to hire temporary workers through a staffing company like Express Employment Professionals, 3% will outsource projects, and 2.7% say they will hire additional full-time employees.

The Holiday Shopping Season is Approaching
While the holidays don’t affect every business, one sector that is always significantly affected is retail.

The Hay Group, a global management consulting firm, recently released their findings from their survey of retailers on expectations for the 2014 holiday season.

According to the results, 24% of retailers predict a significant increase in year-over-year sales during the holiday shopping season, and 70% plan to hire workers at the same levels they did in 2013 to accommodate the increased business volume. Read More→

This week on Peak Performer’s Life, Walter Bond builds on last week’s message about “Vision” by discussing ways to help ensure your vision becomes reality.

According to Walter:
“Your vision is always going to be relative to who you are. So, don’t you be ashamed. Don’t you be afraid. Don’t you be embarrassed by anything, because any level of success you have … it is to be counted as all joy.”

“I want you to understand something very important, before you begin to pursue a new level of success, before you begin to pursue with vigor this next level of your life, your family, your company, your business, I want you to celebrate where you are right now.”

Check out Walter’s full message about vision and courage below:

What are some ways you stay accountable to your vision? How do you inspire your employees to achieve theirs? Let us know in the comments section below. Read More→

We are creatures of habit. So much so, in fact, we sometimes find ourselves pursuing completion for completion’s sake. Whether in relationships, work endeavors, or leadership capacities, many of us try to make something work when it should be forfeited. Maybe, you’re too far in the game and feel you’ve already invested too much time and money to quit a current project. Maybe you stuck your neck out for that up-and-coming top talent, but he or she just isn’t making the cut. Or, maybe you’re adamant on succeeding in your current role against all odds. Because of our habitual nature, we tend to keep trying the same thing, yet continue to expect different results. Sooner or later, you need to cut your losses and stop trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

Not the Right Project
Planning ahead in business is crucial to success in the current, fast-paced work environment. Setting goals for where we want to go and what we want to accomplish is the first step in building a vision for your team. However, the minute details of what it takes to satisfy the goals you’ve set for your company is where things can get dicey. In this stage, it is vital to remain fluid in your approach by continually examining whether the current project will help you reach the end goal or is, simply put, a fox hole. Is the media campaign you’ve poured numerous resources into not yielding the outcome you expected? Is the IT department’s new mobile app not making your customer’s experience easy? Are consumers not biting at the new product you’re pushing? It may be time to scrap the project and start over. Read More→

Identifying Success

We live in a consumer society. We are judged and measured based on what we buy, how often we buy, and everything we have. There are countless promotional and advertising images thrust upon us daily designed to make us feel inadequate so that an imaginary heretofore unknown shortcoming in our lives can be solved by someone’s product or service they want to sell us. We are told emphatically that we will be successful if we drive the right car, drink the right beverage, or use the right fragrance.

Success is not that simple, or maybe it’s not that complex. Success is a self-fulfilling prophecy. No one else can define your success any more than they can order your dinner, try on a suit of clothes for you, or tell your doctor where it hurts. When it comes to your personal and professional success, you determine the destination, the deadline, and the details. No one else can do this for you, and you must identify and define your own success if you ever hope to achieve it. Read More→

This week on Peak Performer’s Life, Walter Bond discusses “Vision.”

According to Walter:

“When you have a vision and you’re going somewhere, it gets people excited. They get optimistic. And they can’t wait to arrive at the destination. So, if you’re a business owner, if you’re a leader of a department, if you’re a sales manager, you’ve got to set a vision. And your employees, or whoever reports to you, need to constantly be reminded are we there yet.”

Check out the video below to hear Walter discuss the importance of not only having a vision, but also communicating that vision to the people you lead. He’ll also give you some tips for creating your vision and a few key points you should be thinking about.

What is your “vision” for your company and how do you communicate it to your employees? Does your workforce rally around the vision? Let us know in the comments section below. Read More→

The results of a recent CareerBuilder survey showed a surprising trend among people seeking to climb the corporate ladder – there’s not as many of them as you may think.

According to the survey, “Most American workers are not aiming for the corner office,” and “approximately one third (34%) of workers aspire to leadership positions, with only 7% aiming for senior or C-level management.”

The top reasons employees give for why they are not seeking to advance include:

  • 52% are satisfied with their current role
  • 34% don’t want to sacrifice work/life balance
  • 17% simply do not have the necessary education to move into leadership roles

Check out the full results from CareerBuilder

Have you seen similar trends among your workforce? Are your employees actively trying to advance, or are they satisfied with their current position? Let us know in the comments section below. Read More→

With September in the books, October marks the first full month of autumn and the start of the final quarter of 2014. So between enjoying the cooler weather and watching the leaves turn, here are five things to do this month!

Raise Awareness for a Cure
October is “Breast Cancer Awareness Month” and is a great month to get your team involved in raising money and providing knowledge on detection. According to the World Health Organization, breast cancer is the most common cancer among women worldwide. Whether you personally have suffered from it, or you know someone who has, this month is a great time to build awareness and raise money for medical research. From hosting a fun run to sponsoring a 5k, there are countless ways for you and your team to get involved. For more information, visit Making Strides Against Breast Cancer.

Get Organized to Start the Fourth Quarter
Spring isn’t the only time meant for cleaning! The first week of October is “Get Organized Week,” and what better time than now to get organized to ensure your team ends the year strong – without all the clutter. Whether your individual workspace needs a little TLC or your office storage closet is in dire need of a makeover, be sure to take time to organize before your workforce shrinks for the holiday season. And if you don’t already, implement a recycling policy to make your office green. Read More→

This week on Peak Performer’s Life, Walter Bond discusses transformation. In previous episodes, he’s discussed the important principles of thinking, executing, and dominating. Now he wants you to put them all together to create a positive transformation in your business and your life.

Drawing on examples that range from Starbuck’s to reality TV, Walter challenges you to think about what small changes you can make that will transform your company.

According to Walter:

“Most of your transformations are going to be based on small decisions over time that will have a huge impact.”

Check out this week’s episode of Peak Performer’s Life and start thinking about how you would like to “transform” your business.

What are some small changes you’re going to make in your business? How will they help bring about a transformation? Let us know in the comments section below. Read More→

It’s the fourth quarter, and we’re entering the home stretch of 2014. With 2015 just around the corner, many companies are feeling the pressure to finish strong. For our October question of the month, we want to know what you anticipate being the biggest roadblock to successfully closing out 2014 and getting a strong start to 2015.